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Vahak - India's #1 Transport Marketplace App | ft. Rohitash Gaud00:58

Vahak - India's #1 Transport Marketplace App | ft. Rohitash Gaud

Vahak - India's Largest Transport Marketplace App | ft. Shivaji Satam01:01

Vahak - India's Largest Transport Marketplace App | ft. Shivaji Satam

Vahak - Book Loads & Lorries Online @ 0% Commission | Transport Book App00:38

Vahak - Book Loads & Lorries Online @ 0% Commission | Transport Book App

वाहन स्क्रैपिंग नीति 2021 - Vehicle Scrappage Policy 202106:10

वाहन स्क्रैपिंग नीति 2021 - Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021

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Vahak has helped tremendously with online load booking. My business is able to see huge growth thanks to the Vahak load booking platform!

Jay Khodiyar, Ahmedabad
Jay Khodiyar Roadways
Jay Khodiyar

Vahak has helped me connect with transporters and find opportunities in minutes! Be it truck booking or load booking, all my needs are resolved on Vahak.

Sachin Kumar
Vihan Transport Services
Sachin Kumar

On the Vahak online load booking platform, finding business for my fleet has become such an easy experience!

Kalpesh Somase, Nashik
Kalpesh Somase

Truck booking is made easy with this application! Vahak helps manage my time and bookings, letting me grow my business.

Satyam Vyas, Ahmedabad
Satyam Roadlines
Satyam Vyas

I use Vahak to book lorries for loads. With this app I’m able to connect with trusted transporters all over India and take my business to the next level!

Arpit, Bangalore
Load Owner

As a truck driver, Vahak is very helpful for me. I’m able to get loads for good rates and I highly recommend that other truckers use this too!

Mohammed F, Bangalore
Supply Chain Management
Mohammed F

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Vahak is India’s largest and most trusted online transport services company. We at Vahak are committed to improving the Indian transportation services industry through a technology-driven approach. Through our platform, we are helping reduce the current demand-supply gap in the transport industry by providing instant online load and truck booking services at 0% commission.

Vahak hosts India’s largest online transport marketplace, allowing users to book transport services instantly without paying commission charges. Through the Vahak Transport Marketplace, users can bid & book loads or lorries from across India. With more than eight lakh verified trucks and 20,000+ daily active loads listed on Vahak, users can pick the best deal in accordance with their needs.

Benefits of Booking with Vahak

Connect with Largest Online Transport Community

Vahak users get access to India’s largest transport community. Users can connect with over 20 Lakh transporters pan India and find suitable transport service provider basis their needs.

Verified Transporters

All the transporters and transport service providers listed on the Vahak platform are KYC & GST-verified. This helps reduce fraudulent activities and thus offers a hassle-free booking experience.

Book from Largest Online Transport Marketplace

Vahak hosts India’s largest online transport marketplace through which users can connect with transporters/shippers/transport agents from across India and find the best deal at the best prices with a variety of options.

Verified Trucks & thousands of Daily Active Loads

With over 8 lakh verified trucks and over 20,000 daily active loads on Vahak, users are guaranteed instant online truck and load booking at the best prices. Truck owners can also enjoy quick availability of return loads on their preferred routes without any hassles.

Zero Commission & No Hidden Costs

Vahak does not charge commissions from its users for using the Vahak app or website. Users can book online loads or lorries without paying commissions or extra hidden costs.

100% Safe & Secure Payment Gateway

Vahak Payment gateway allows users to make or receive instant payments for their bookings made on Vahak. The RBI-approved payment gateway is 100% safe and secure and aids online bookings without hassles or delays.

Earn up to 4% Cashbacks

Booking transport services on Vahak not only helps users with operational benefits but also ensures that they make profits on every bookings. With cashback offers, users can earn up to 4% cashback on their online bookings and increase their per trip income.

24x7 Customer Support

Vahak offers 24x7 customer support to help its users with booking-related issues or general queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more help? Visit our FAQ Section

How do I attach my lorry on Vahak?

  • Open the Vahak app
  • Click on “Attach Lorry”
  • Enter your details and press “Attach Fleet”
  • Now your lorry will be visible to all transporters on Vahak!

How do I book loads on Vahak?

You can post your lorry details and get bids automatically from 10,000+ transporters. Or you can pick a load from the “Load Market” directory. Follow these simple steps to find trucks:

  • Open the Vahak app
  • Go to the “Market” section
  • Click on Load Market
  • Browse through the available live loads
  • Press “Book Now”
  • Enter your Bid and send it across!

What is the cost of booking loads on Vahak?

Vahak is completely free! There are no commissions, brokerage fees or hidden costs. It is India’s first fully free road transportation marketplace that lets users search lorries and loads online.

    Can I track my truck's status?

    Yes. You can track the status of your truck(s) on the Vahak app. After attaching your lorry you can see the trip details in your dashboard.

      How do I grow my transport business on Vahak?

      Transporters & truck owners can create business profiles and an online presence on the Vahak app. The business profile helps users attract business leads and connections which can be used for making deals. With branding features like Whatsapp Business Card, Branded enquiry cards that are sharable on Whatsapp, users can further promote their transport brand and online presence. If you are a truck driver looking for loads, Vahak is the best place to start!

        I am a lorry owner but don’t have a company, can I register on Vahak?

        Yes, lorry owners & lorry brokers can register on Vahak as ‘Lorry Provider’. If users don't have a company, they can enter their own name and sign-up!

          How is Vahak helpful for me?

          With Vahak, anyone who owns a lorry can register and find business. On the Vahak app, users can find 10,000+ loads for free. By attaching their truck with Vahak, they will be able to find loads and increase their revenue without any commissions!

            How will payments happen on Vahak?

            Vahak connects lorry owners with load providers and the freight is calculated using rates exchanged and approved between two parties. Lorries are hired directly without any middlemen on Vahak market so the parties are liable to each other for the payments, safety & security of the consignments. Users can check out ratings, connections, recommendations for transporters & truck owners.

              If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, pleaseVisit our FAQs Page